Why travel with us

Undiscovered India Trips unfold seamlessly because of our 15 + years’ experience guiding trips around India and Nepal. We tread lightly, think locally and make sure all our trips are helping not hindering the places we visit. Our trips are the best ways to discover landmark sights around India and Nepal. You’ll see the countries’s highlights at the best times of day and go off the beaten path to discover the hidden gems. You’ll experience more of what you want to travel for in one inclusive, up-front price. Let us handle the cumbersome work of planning and organizing so you can relax and truly enjoy your journey, start to finish!

Undiscovered India Track

Providing a balance between the well known ‘must sees’ and the off the beaten track ‘best kept secrets’ is what we’re all about. Not only taking in the famous sites and well known destinations, but also the rarely visited ones not usually included in tour itineraries, but which we believe provides a more authentic insight into the region visited.

In India and Nepal very small percentage of visitors gets to see anything other than the famous monuments. People from Rural areas are hoping to benefit financially from tourism would more than likely end up having to go hundreds of miles to work in big cities. Our trips create a serious imbalance in wealth between such region, this means we are able to give a truly authentic, off-the-beaten-track experience.

Award winning Local Leaders

Our award winning tour leaders, who are the best in industry’s will accompany you on your trip from start to finish, taking care of all the arrangements and making sure you have unforgettable time of your life. Our leaders are born and bred in the regions we visit; They’ll help you find the best places to eat, point you in the direction of hidden highlights (that you won’t find in a guidebook) and provide you with practical information on etiquette, tipping and speaking the language. It’s all part of our commitment to travelling kindly, responsibly, locally and awesomely.

Our success is based on knowing you & delivering genuine personal attention by our local leaders. Many of our clients have returned on our different trips and have become personal friends. A sprawling call center or a website cannot replicate the type of personal relationship Undiscovered India Travels establishes with each traveler.

Small Group Size

Undiscovered India Travels’s group sizes are genuinely small, with scheduled tours usually limited to either 10 or 12 persons, (depending upon itinerary. Travellers prefer traveling in a more intimate group – and benefitting from more one-on-one time on our small group trips, you spend more time with our Tour leaders, who know more about the places you visit than you ever thought possible; it’s easier to interact with them (and local guides and experts) as they share their insights.

      • Socially, small numbers create a much more cohesive group with far less chance of cliques or ‘groups within groups’ – it’s often been described by those who travel with us as “more like a group of friends and not like a tour group at all”.
      • Transport; we are able to use smaller types of transport as well as making public transport more practical. Restaurants and Accommodation; we use smaller, locally run restaurants and accommodation that larger groups wouldn’t be able to do.
      • Interaction; visiting local people, villages, tribal groups and so on, a smaller group has far less impact, is far less intimidating and there’s a much greater chance of a warm welcome and opportunities for genuine interaction. Along the way Explorations sets the stage for the unexpected moments that make travel so special and gives you more access to fragile cultures,

We Love Solo Travellers

Traveling solo doesn't mean traveling alone – with Undiscovered India Travel, it means friendship, traveling with like-minded travelers who share similar interests on our guided trips. You get a ready-made crew of future besties and a local leader to stop you getting lost and feeling all scared inside. The one big reason people choose to travel solo is independence. And some folks think that group travel kind of ruins that. But we disagree. Our itineraries are designed so that, if you want to go solo and find your own way, you can. A bit of group time, a bit of your time – that’s a balance everyone can get behind. Plus if you want a single supplement (i.e. a room all to yourself) we can arrange that too for a small extra charge.

Over the years, many of our passengers have told us that they have made lifelong friends on their Undiscovered India Travels trips. There’s no such thing as a solo traveller when you're on a journey with us because you won’t be travelling with strangers, just friends you haven’t met yet!

Quality Service and Value

Undiscovered India Travels focus on delivering top quality group tours. we experience and long term relationships with hotels, lodges, and other travel industry professionals has earned us the ability to negotiate with our travel industry partners and associates.

No matter what you are interested in, whether it is wine tasting or family fun, our team is at your service with years of experience and expertise to guide you and answer every question you may have about your travels. And the choice is always yours. We do not rely on third party operators to provide them with expertise on their destinations, Undiscovered India Travels has an experienced team of outstanding specialists who have lived and traveled extensively throughout all of our destinations.

We have never focused on being the biggest. We prefer to think small. Intimate. Individualistic. We offer solutions for those customers who do not solely reckon on independent travel forums and who choose not to be persuade by the allege and endless promotions in this competitive market. Sadly in today’s Internet and information age, public forums are attenuate with too many opinions and hence the real values are often compromised.

We are proud of the high standards we achieve and the value for money we offer. We know that outstanding value means ensuring that all of the ingredients are right, not just the price. Many of the inclusions in our trips are the result of years of careful research to get the right balance of quality and adventure that is best suited to our travellers.

Our mission is to provide quality and excellence service to our customers promptly and exclusively.”